Three steps to compliance heaven

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With the constant barrage of regulatory change, the role of the compliance professional is increasingly demanding.

Here are three steps to help lighten the load.

Step 1 – Leading from the front

Fundamental to your role is understanding the licencing obligations of your organisation. You are the expert and main source of regulatory knowledge in your organisation and your company depends upon you to keep it compliant. It is down to you to keep abreast of all regulatory changes and disseminate this information through your business. Your skills and drive ensure these changes are incorporated into your company’s policies and procedures, but you need access to the most up to date information and practical examples about how regulation will impact your business.

At Financial Education Professionals, our training modules frame compliance requirements in the context of the consumer and our contextualised learning delivers strategies you can immediately implement in your organisation.

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If you are new to your compliance role, we also have you covered. Our Compliance Fundamentals is specially designed to provide a firm foundation in compliance, imparting essential knowledge and showcasing practical case studies to help you in your role. 

Step 2 – Embedding compliance in your culture

Compliant behaviour must be imbued throughout the entire organisation. Leadership positions and responsible managers are your allies in your compliance quest, so make sure they too have the requisite regulatory knowledge and skills to assist you. Standardised training not only brings you the confidence that they have the knowledge and skills to do their job to the best of their abilities, it also demonstrates to the whole organisation that compliance is a valuable and integral part of your operations.

With the right education partner, you can make regular training something your leaders aspire to, rather than viewing it as a chore.

Inspire critical thinking through:

  • case studies
  • ethical dilemmas and
  • practical challenges.

Keep them up to date with our online CPD for responsible managers program. Our annual CPD update is carefully curated to deliver key regulatory changes that will impact financial services during the year. The program is also relevant to governance, risk and compliance professionals and references APRA’s fit and proper test and other prudential standards.

Furthermore, if you are not sure about capability levels in your organisation, then a capability review or training gap analysis will tell you who needs what. Financial Education Professionals offers training programs ranging from Tier 1 & Tier 2 RG146 compliance, industry induction & fundamentals training, continuing professional development and nationally recognised training qualifications. 

Step 3 – Smart systems to support your vision

Licensees and their representatives have obligations under the Corporations Act and ASIC’s regulatory guides to undertake continuing professional development. If you manage compliance in a large organisation, you will probably have single sign-on systems where all training records and certificates are stored in the one place. But for smaller organisations this is not often the case.

By engaging a reputable registered training organisation (RTO) like Financial Education Professionals, not only is content designed to meet your specific financial services CPD obligations but you will also have access to systems that can report and track training, making your job easier. Internal training can also be hosted on your education provider’s LMS, allowing one source of truth – no more excel spreadsheets! The reputational risk of not meeting your compliance requirements is too great.

Don’t fight with legacy systems – demand appropriate training solutions for the good of your organisation.

As an RTO, it is our job to be across the latest training and regulatory developments. Partner with Financial Education Professionals for your complete corporate training solution and leverage our expertise to help you make your job easier.

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Talk to us about your corporate solution. In a world where the game is constantly changing, you need an education partner that does more than just explain the rules.

Experience training that is…

  • Delivered collaboratively
  • Fit for purpose
  • Inspiring and valued
  • Easily implemented and simple to use


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